Exec Committee Formed

At the Eudunda 150th Sub Committee meeting on the 21st August 2019 the committee were able to elect an Executive Committee.

Chairman: Samuel Doering

Vice Chairman: Bob Dabrowski

Secretary: Peter Herriman – 0429 811 958

Treasurer: Anne Wilson (ECBAT Treasurer – as we are a sub-committee of ECBAT)

Committee: Coralee Hambour, Marcus Reseigh, Judy Partington, Margaret Doecke, Julie Schulz,  Delilah Balmer, Phillip Roocke, Dagmar Roocke, Trevor Matthews, Debbie Hibbert, Caroline Krause, Jake Alker, Andy Riemekasten, David Scholz.

We have a strong committee, representing many areas of the community and business

The up to date list of our Full Committee can be found on the Committee Page