Global Pandemic Causes Eudunda 150th To Pause

The COVID-19 Virus, Global Pandemic has affected the World in such a massive way, not seen for 100 years (back then it was the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, which killed an estimated 50 Million people).

With shutdown’s around the World and specifically in Australia, to stave off the pandemic, Australia has so far been very lucky, with low numbers affected by the virus, but still sadly deaths have occurred. The shutdown has caused much loss of jobs, income, anxiety and there is still an uncertain nature about what will happen, even as Australia starts to cautiously get back some normal activities.

Under the circumstances, the Eudunda 150th Committee had to vote by email, and the feeling was that it was not wise to plan to have such a big event in the ‘unknown’. We felt it was not fair on our supporters to be asking for support when they were struggling, and our volunteers who may be at risk, and our visitors likewise.

The Eudunda 150th Committee is not completely giving the idea away, of having some celebrations this November, but it is not of the grand scale it was hoping for, and may need to be in a different format. All going well, we hope to be able to ‘regroup’ in July and assess what the risks might be and what might be safe and possible. Currently we have been considering postponing most items until  2021.

So please stay tuned to this channel and hopefully help us to celebrate.

We would like to wish everyone to Stay Safe and Be Happy,
We are indeed in a Lucky Country!