Public Launch At The Eudunda Show

Launch in the Marque by David Scholz

Eudunda 150 Committee Member and Local History Buff, David Scholz
introduced the story behind the plans for the community to celebrate the 150th year since European Settlers first developed the township of Eudunda.

David’s speech was very informative and well spoken, thanks David for volunteering for the job.

Eudunda 150 Stand

The Eudunda Show Committee had also given us space in a prominent area of the Eudunda Show to have the new Eudunda 150 Banner on display, with some fliers to hand out. During the afternoon, after finishing her job as the Flower Convenor in the Pavilion, Julie Schulz stopped at the stand and helped hand out fliers and speak with people about the celebrations which will be from the 6th to 16th November 2020.

We don’t have a photo of Julie at the stand, but we do have one of Jenny Herriman checking it out. Jenny of course will be busy helping to promote and run one of the featured days of the celebrations, as she has always supported the stories of Colin Thiele and has always supported events in his honour.

Jenny Herriman reading Eudunda 150 Banner
Jenny Herriman reading Eudunda 150 Banner

Additionally fliers were handed out during the event.

Check out the Proposed Programme

Support Our Fundraiser

You can support the Eudunda 150 Committee to raise funds so that we can put on a great event for everyone, by coming and buying your food at our

BBQ Fundraiser at the Eudunda Christmas Party

on Friday evening of the 6th December 2019.



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Remember – the Eudunda Show 2020 will be a feature event of the Eudunda 150th, so we hope you plan to attend.